limestone crushing process

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Limestone crushing process

Limestone is a sedimentary rock, is a crystalline structure, layered structure, the main rock-forming mineral calcite. Most limestone fine texture, hard, strong wind resistance capabilities. Limestone is widely distributed, both around, easy mining, processing easier. On the construction works for the foundation, exterior walls, piers, steps and pavement, concrete aggregate can also be used.

limestone crushing process

Limestone processing process

The first stage: primary crusher

Limestone material through the hopper, vibrating feeder evenly by the feed, fed to the jaw crusher for primary crushing, after primary crushed material is conveyed by the feeder and fine screening material from the belt together to counterattack Crusher.

The second stage: in fine crushing

Limestone fed to the crushing back-breaking material after crushing impact crusher, vibrating screen using a round through the back-breaking of the material after crushing were sieved: larger particulate material returned to the impact crusher again broken; the grain size according to the needs of qualified materials , grading by conveyor belt to a different stockpile storage or transported by truck construction site.

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