granite crushing process

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granite crushing process

Granite is an igneous magma below the surface, but the formation of condensate, the main component of feldspar and quartz. Due to its high hardness, wear resistance, in addition to used advanced architectural engineering, the hall floor, or material choice for outdoor sculpture, which are widely used in the construction site.

granite crushing process

Granite processing process

Primary crushing, the raw material through the hopper, vibrating feeder evenly by the feed, fed to the jaw crusher for primary crushing, after primary crushed material and fine screening material from the feeder by the conveyor belt together to transfer stockpile.

Fine crushing, medium-grained material into the crusher after the chronology, the circular vibrating screen for screening large grain size materials returned to the crusher broken again, qualified products from the belt to the stockpile storage, fine material into the sand washing machine cleaning.

Plastic crushing, conveying belt conveyor will transfer the stockpile material evenly transported to the crushing cone crusher for crushing, sieving after crushing by a circular vibrating screen. Larger particulate material back to the cone crusher broken again; medium-grained material into the crusher crushing, plastic; material from qualified grain size sand washing machine after washing as a final product.

Sand washing products, materials fed through sand washing machine sand washing machine after washing, as part of the final product delivered by belt conveyor to a stockpile.

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