fixed building waste production line

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Construction waste recycling equipment

Fixed building waste production line is composed of crusher, screening machine, hopper, feeder, conveyor, ventilation, dust removal equipment and control systems and other components. Due to the different conditions of raw materials and product requirements, can have different combinations to adapt to different process requirements, different scale of production.

fixed building waste production line

Fixed building waste production line process:

Transported to the construction waste sorting first, after sorting through the material into the vibrating screen can be broken by the primary screening equipment will be divided into two parts, coarse sieve material into the crusher for further crushing, the material after crushing massive iron material was removed magnetic separator. After crushing the material can also be divided into different uses, different inorganic hybrid particle aggregates, construction waste processing, such as Germany in the fixed construction waste recycling plant in accordance with the requirements of the German standard DIN4226 recovered to 0 ~ 32mm, 0 ~ 45mm, 0 ~ 65mm of mineral aggregate mix, and provide for the special needs of the occasion, there are requirements for graded granular aggregate, such as O ~ 8mm, 8 ~ 16mm, 16 ~ 32mm graded aggregates and so on.

Fixed building waste production line performance:

1. facilitate integrated management, a complete production and living facilities system, the protection of the environment comprehensive management conditions, which can effectively control production costs;

2. The first installation, to continuous production, but also saves space due to the movement takes time to adjust;

3. There are plenty of spare parts warehouse, to meet the continuous production.

fixed building waste production line

Construction waste recycled products:

By classification and grading of construction waste crushing, screening, produce can replace natural sand and gravel aggregate. Some of the aggregate as a business deep processing of raw materials, with its own production of cement enterprises for the production of ready-mixed mortar, cement admixture, wall panels and other components of the product, the remaining portion of aggregate sold as a commodity concrete mixing station, ready-mixed mortar stations , highway foundation backfilling. Wind elect powder and clay brick manufacturers supplying building materials and garden sector as green with soil.

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